31 January 2006: In the next few weeks Gpremacy will recieve its next update: proper turn randomization, graphical installers and other little refinements. Stay tuned!



Gpremacy is a Mono/Gtk# clone of the 80s board game "Supremacy" by Supremacy Games, Inc. The game is a "Risk"-like game set in the near future between the superpowers with macroeconomics and nuclear weapons.



Gpremacy is packaged in one format with an included binary .exe file. You can compile it yourself with MonoDevelop, or just run the included .exe file with your Mono environment. Yes, the one .exe file works on everything Mono supports!

The latest release will be your best choice.


Gpremacy is powered by Mono and GTK# and requires both to run. Don't worry: Mono runs on everything except your cellular phone (so far). Installing it is rather simple: visit the Mono Download page and select an installer or package for your operating system. After that's done you can get on to playing!

How To Play / Installation Instructions

To install the game after installing Mono (see above for "Prerequisites"!), just extract the download file to a convenient location. If you're familiar with a shell, running the game is as simple as changing to the Gpremacy directory and typing:

$ mono bin/Debug/gpremacy-mono.exe

If you're using Windows, you can execute the game by double-clicking the gpremacy-win.bat file in the Gpremacy directory (where you extracted the files). If you have trouble, you probably do not have Mono installed. See above. If it's still not working, it's probably the batch file... drop me a note.


Gpremacy uses a variation on the Supremacy Version 3.0 rules as written at Maximilian's Mega-Premacy site. Detailed differences will be posted as time permits.

CVS Access

The Gpremacy project is being actively developed, so if you're interested, feel free to peek at the CVS tree. To download the most current source for Gpremacy, issue the following commands at your prompt:

$ export CVS_RSH="ssh"
$ cvs -z3 co gpremacy-mono

Contacting James

You can email me at pug AT pugsplace dot net. My GPG key is here, and I love encrypted email.